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3315 Entrepreneur and Innovation Plan

The Ningbo government has opened applications to this year’s 3315 program which seeks to attract  foreign “high end” entrepreneur teams. It looks like a program designed to attract the world’s top talents in areas such as new materials, information technology, energy, marine technology, environment protection, services, and life science. Applicants will be a team of at least 5 people. All […]

Qingdao Startup Weekend Bio-Sentinel Suprise

Bio-Sentinel A novel, low cost, remote sensing based pollution mapping system Plants with genetically modified protein receptors which cease chlorophyll production when in contact with heavy metals are monitored by a hyperspectral imagery equipped drone which feeds data to a GIS based geostatistical software package which provides live monitoring, early warning, and pathway prediction modeling […]

Yinzhou Incubator Incubation Park

Brought to you by the Office of Redundancy Office and the Ningbo Government, I present the new Yinzhou Sci-Tech Incubation Incubator Park, located across the street from Nottingham University. The Incubator is on the left with the cranes. Cranes represent long life. I visited the management office recently along with the ever active Jessica He. […]

Joining Student Clubs at UNNC

Like many students I want to join student clubs. I am studying science and run an engineering startup. I want to join SESA, the science and engineering student association. I want to join entrepreneur clubs to meet like minded people, build teams, and get a Kickstarter project or two under my belt. Unfortunately, joining clubs at […]