One day I hopped on a plane in Beijing bound for Pyongyang. Below are some photos from my journey. The photos are completely out of order. Deal with it. Two woman at a memorial in Pyongyang   At the DMZ with the DPRK’s tallest and fittest, South Korea is behind me. On a military base […]


The Ningbo government has opened applications to this year’s 3315 program which seeks to attract  foreign “high end” entrepreneur teams. It looks like a program designed to attract the world’s top talents in areas such as new materials, information technology, energy, marine technology, environment protection, services, and life science. Applicants will be a team of at least 5 people. All […]

Bio-Sentinel A novel, low cost, remote sensing based pollution mapping system Plants with genetically modified protein receptors which cease chlorophyll production when in contact with heavy metals are monitored by a hyperspectral imagery equipped drone which feeds data to a GIS based geostatistical software package which provides live monitoring, early warning, and pathway prediction modeling […]

Brought to you by the Office of Redundancy Office and the Ningbo Government, I present the new Yinzhou Sci-Tech Incubation Incubator Park, located across the street from Nottingham University. The Incubator is on the left with the cranes. Cranes represent long life. I visited the management office recently along with the ever active Jessica He. […]

Like many students I want to join student clubs. I am studying science and run an engineering startup. I want to join SESA, the science and engineering student association. I want to join entrepreneur clubs to meet like minded people, build teams, and get a Kickstarter project or two under my belt. Unfortunately, joining clubs at […]

There aren’t many. My average wait time is just over 19 minutes (n=37). On (regular) occasion I will wait nearly an hour. There are not a lot of taxis in Ningbo, especially near UNNC campus which is not “in town”.  Of the existing stock, taxi drivers are generally pretty courteous, work with your terrible Chinese, and […]

There are three canteens on campus. If you live on campus you’ll be eating at these for most of your meals. International (non-mainland Chinese) students are allowed to have some cooking appliances in their dorms because apparently UNNC only trusts international students to not burn the dorms down. In addition to the school canteens there […]

Long ago in the great Kingdom of Merica a city was captured by the warlord Snot, who proclaimed that it henceforth be known as Snotingham. In time the city’s name, luckily, was changed to Nottingham and the city grew, soon hosting a university which would itself grow, expanding to three campuses in three countries. Established […]