Food at UNNC

There are three canteens on campus. If you live on campus you’ll be eating at these for most of your meals. International (non-mainland Chinese) students are allowed to have some cooking appliances in their dorms because apparently UNNC only trusts international students to not burn the dorms down. In addition to the school canteens there are a few restaurants and snack outlets available on campus as well as a few restaurants and bars in Sunday Plaza near campus.

Food2Canteen #3 menu

Food_Canteen2Lunch selection at Canteen #2

Food_Canteen1More Lunch Selection at Canteen #2

Food AromaAroma, the cafe on campus, in AB. Their menus consists primarily of small ready to eat/frozen snacks. This order is the closest proper meal, consisting of their (frozen and microwaved) mince meat pie, a croissant, and citron tea. Total cost is  ¥65, $10.71 usd.

Food Sunday PlazaSunday Plaza is the only commercial/restaurant area within walking distance of campus (about 15 minutes from Gate 3, the one with the KFC). This is an average scene (minus the bearded white guy) in an average restaurant.  My friends were not impressed with this restaurant and decided not to return. 

Food SteakAs a meat and potatoes person, I prefer to cook in my apartment.

Food FieldsI order all of my groceries from Fields China or Epermarket. They are both located in Shanghai but offer next day deliveries 3x a week to Ningbo. The order in this photo (from Fields) cost me  ¥1,635, or $270 usd. Fields is generally more expensive than Epermarket, but both are cheaper than local Ningbo grocery stores that approach Western sanitation/quality levels.

Pepper Man


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